I wrote something with rationalizations, justifications, and defenses against misinformation but deleted it, because I realized it doesn’t really matter. What does is how I feel: my perspective has changed after this week on the world of cosplay. I will keep doing “make believe” costumes and…

:( I hope we’ll continue to see you on CrabCasts and other places on the internet. I really look up to you and Holly and I’d hate to see you go away because of shitty bullies. They don’t matter to me, but you do! You’re an inspiration and the internet will never be a better place without people like you to fill the whole of it with smart words and better intentions.



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nmarcenaro said: You know what we need? We need METAL GEAR comics!!!!


Check out Let’s Destroy Metal Gear Comics, a clever deconstruction of the video game parody comic set in a post-apocalyptic universe where a Metal Gear crashed into the sun, wiping out everything on Earth except for this really cute adventure story about rabbit people.

You can read it here.




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This is Bandit.
He is a pineapple green cheek conure. He has been at my local PetCo for at least a year (as long as I have lived in this area). He is quite timid and shy and (behaviorally) shows signs of abuse. One of his nails has been ripped out, though it has now healed and doesn’t bother him much. I have visited him every single time I’ve ever been in this PetCo over the entirety of my time here. He’s gotten to know me really well. He’ll come to the front of the cage and chirp at me and play back and forth on his toys, showing off. The best thing he does is perch on that ball and spin around - it makes me laugh so he does it frequently. I have handled him a few times and he is as sweet as can be with me. He listens to me if his exploring bites and nibbles get too hard or if he’s playing with something I don’t want him to (i.e. my necklace). 

Some background.
One of the employees has told me a bit about his time there. There are only two people who work there that are able to handle him without being severely bitten and him flying away. I am apparently the only customer who has ever handled him where he exhibits playful behavior and hasn’t bitten. I’m also the only person who has shown any interest in him for months. They recently got in a pair of blue quaker parrots that over took a Sun Conure that had been in on of their cages. I have not heard anything of what happened to that bird and no one will say when I ask, they just look forlorn - I’m assuming that means he didn’t get a home. I am scared this will happen to this little guy. The employee I have corresponded with many times has exhibited large amounts of worry for his well-being with having been there so long. Going so far as to say that I could easily get his price dropped fairly significantly if it would mean I could take him home and he’d be safe.

I have wanted a conure for a long time and have done extensive research on them over the last 2-3 years. I would love to be able to bring this guy home, even if just to give him a safe environment and save him from whatever awaits him being stuck in this small cage for so long in this store. I see people coming in constantly looking at the parakeets and almost always one is taken home, but people walk by this little guy and the cockatiels and the quakers constantly with not so much as a glance. 

My point.
The reason I am making this post is to ask tumblr for help. I’m not expecting anyone to jump in and immediately make this possible. Or, let alone, really any help at all, to be honest. But, I figured I would ask anyways because this little guy needs help and I really want to help him. So, if anyone could or would be willing to donate so I can get him and some basic things he needs, I would greatly appreciate it.

The sub-total I have come up with is $565 ($610 with tax). The reason I cannot pay this, aside from maybe $5 right now, is because I am moving into an apartment with my girlfriend and searching for a job. All the money I have is going to the apartment - security deposits, first/last month rent. Both apartments we applied for are pet friendly, so he would be allowed to remain with me after I move. I will be nowhere in the area until probably Christmas as of April 28th and something could happen to him by then. I want to prevent that. 

If you can donate absolutely any amount, I and Bandit would be honored.

This is a list of the costs for things so you can see why it amounts to $610.

  • $200 is for Bandit himself (I spoke with the manager and his price is at a 50% discount).
  • $160 is for the cage.
  • $20 is for the food.

In reality that is all he would immediately need (cage comes with two perches and food/water dishes - I’m sure I can ask to take his toys he currently has too). So, if I can get to $380 he will be safe and away from PetCo. The other $230 is for perches, toys, treats, a play gym, and a sleep cage.

  • $45-125 for toys and perches.
  • $30 for the play gym.
  • $38 for the sleep cage.

Thank yous.
Though I am not the best artist, I sketch a lot (mostly manga and animals) and dabble in painting (watercolors mostly). If you are willing to donate I would be happy to give you a commission of your choice (I can post some of my work if people are interested). I also love to write and if you’d like a fanfic (rating and topic of your choice) I would be willing to write something in return as well (I am in the process of writing two books if you would like excerpts to see my writing style).

Also, I am sketching a few Bandit sketches (may paint one or two) to make prints to send to anyone who is able to donate.

I am pretty much set to move into either apartment - the only thing left is to choose which one and, well, move. I will be driving to whichever apartment with moving truck in tow on April 28th. I would need this money by then to get him out and moved safely with us. I will be completely moved in on May 1st. I will not be returning until Christmas… If I will be. This is my last chance to get this little guy out.

How To.
If you are willing to donate, I have a paypal account you can send any amount to. You can choose “I am sending money to family or friends” and type in my e-mail ( so that you do not have to pay a fee when sending me anything. 

There is also a paypal donate button and a GoFundMe button on my blog.

If you have any questions or you feel there is something I may need to add please, please, please do not hesitate to message me. I am desperate to get this little guy out because I dread what could happen to him if he’s stuck there for much longer. Please, if you cannot donate, reblog so that people can see this and hopefully help. 

If you read all of this, thank you so much. If I cannot raise the money I will implore with anyone in the area (Sumter, SC) to try and get him out. He’s too cute and sweet to ‘suddenly disappear’ like his sun conure brethren.

This broke my heart. I’ve visited my PetCo birds and have a hard time not taking them all home. Let’s help this little guy :(

Bird buddies need homes and love too :( Help if you can!

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The Valkyries, on young girls in comic shops

  • Juliette: A dad came in with his 4 year-old daughter and told her to ask me ("the lady who works here") for recommendations. She did and I showed her a few comics I thought she would like while the dad kind of waited a respectful distance away so that it was really our conversation. Then he said to her "I just want to make sure you know you can always ask the people in the comic book store for recommendations and they'll be happy to talk to you."
  • And all of a sudden I realized that he was making sure his little girl would grow up believing that she is welcome in comic book and nerd spaces instead of feeling like she's an outsider just because she's a girl.
  • Christina: That reminds me of the girl who gets $10 for every A on her report card and spends it all on comics.
  • Emily: This reminds me of the dad and daughter who came into my store and bought the American Dream tpb we had. And then proceeded to buy every book with a strong central female character I could think of to recommend. Good parenting.
  • Tracy: There is a family who would always come in on Saturday. The older sister and mom weren't really into comics, but they would walk around with the younger sister and dad while they picked out what they wanted. The young girl always came in and spent her allowance on comics.

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fuck if I don’t love those leg warmers/tights/socks/whatever.

fuck if I don’t love those leg warmers/tights/socks/whatever.

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Tuff Guy Popeye! Click the picture for the artist’s page and more pictures



Tuff Guy Popeye! Click the picture for the artist’s page and more pictures

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